The Department of Veteran's Affairs has just leaked a document indicating that out of the total population of people served by the Veteran's Administration, a third of them have died waiting for care, reports Free Beacon and the Huffington Post.

There are 847,882 total veterans enrolled to receive medical and psychological care, but out of those, 238,657 were not able to receive proper care before death.

Video: Free Beacon

Veteran's Administration spokeswoman Walinda West insists that the number could be decades old, and indicates veterans who never completed their full enrollment. This has been proven to not be possible, as incomplete applications are not considered pending.

Scott Davis, VA whistleblower and a program specialist at the Health Eligibility Center in Atlanta, says "the VA wants you to believe, by virtue of people being able to get health care elsewhere, it’s not a big deal. But VA is turning away tens of thousands of veterans eligible for health care. VA is making it cumbersome, and then saying, ‘See? They didn’t want it anyway.'”

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