Thirty-six-year-old Anders Breivik was convicted in 2012 of the mass murder of 77 people for a sentence of 21 years.

Now he has been accepted to study political science at the University of Oslo. During his study, he is not allowed contact with anyone outside of his cell.

The University's rector Ole Petter Ottersen says inmates in Norway "have a right to pursue higher education in Norway if they meet the admission requirements and are successful in competition with other applicants."

Breivik originally applied in 2013, but since he did not finish secondary school he did not meet the requirements for enrollment. 

The university admits that they faced a moral dilemma in giving Breivik entrance to the school, as some of the current students have relatives who were killed by his hands.

Breivik's acts were called premeditated acts of terrorism, as he harbors very conservative anti-Muslim sentiments. This was the worst act of terrorism in Norway since World War 2.

Cover image: Flickr