Hacker collective Anonymous just published a list of over 750 Twitter accounts that they say are spreading propaganda for the terrorist group ISIS. Anonymous hacked many of these accounts, replacing the propaganda with cutesy anime drawings of ISIS imagery. Other accounts were simply shut down. 

Image: BBC. Image 1.Image: BBC

The ISIS-Chan character, an anime drawing of a girl wearing Islamic garb, is being used by the hacktivists to dilute the results of web searches for ISIS material. It's unclear if these efforts will have their desired effect - ISIS is estimated to control 90,000 Twitter accounts. 

"The action is both positive and negative," Rashad Ali, a specialist in counter-extremism efforts, told the BBC. "Practically speaking, you are getting rid of a whole host of people from the public domain. However, it's not a solution because what we now need to do is not just take down accounts but actually provide new narratives for people. This is where we are failing. We have not had a strong, thought-out counter-argument to IS's message."

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Facts About ISIS And Anonymous: 

 This isn't the first list of ISIS-related Twitter accounts Anonymous has released: back in March, the group released 9,200 account names.

 This little campaign of theirs is driving the Pentagon crazy. A source within the intelligence community said that the Pentagon is "furious when this happens because it removes their ability to watch jihadis and gather intelligence."