An anonymous source told the Associated Press that Dylann Roof, the man suspected of killing nine people at the traditionally black Emmanuel AME Church in Charleson, South Carolina last month, will face hate crime charges in front of a grand jury. In addition, he will be charged with nine counts of murder.

In hate crime cases, the prosecution must prove that the crime was primarily motivated by the suspects hatred of a certain group. After his arrest, Roof was found to have written a manifesto on the internet detailing his ideology of white supremacy. Photos of him wearing a jacket bearing symbols associated with white supremacy and segregation were also discovered. 

Facts about the charleston sooting: 

 AME Church is an acronym for African Methodist Episcopal Church. The church was begun by freed slave Richard Allen in Philidelphia in 1816, and is the world's oldest denomination founded by black people. 

 The week after the Charleston massacre, seven black churches burned across the South. 

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