There are a lot of five-year-old Barack Obamas in Kenya. And every one of them is super excited to follow in the footsteps of their namesake.

“In my child I’m seeing President Obama,” says Dan Oyoo, a Kenyan school teacher whose son's first name is Barack Obama. “That name alone is like magic. When it is mentioned, it stirs something in me. I know he will go far. He’s not somebody to remain down here.”

There are so many little boys named after Barack Obama in Kenya, that schools must call them by their full names to differentiate between them- names like Barack Otieno Odhiambo, Barack Otieno Obama, and Malcom Obama.

“Whenever a parent is advising a child,” Oyoo says, “they will always refer to President Obama: ‘Do you see how Obama started from a humble background and do you see where he has ended up?’ So we usually tell the children to follow his footsteps.”



Facts about Obama going to Kenya:

President Obama left for Kenya this morning. This will be his first trip to the country since he's been in the Oval Office.

The president will meet with some of his family members while in Nairobi, but he will not be traveling to K’Ogelo - the village where Obama's father was born.

Cover image: The Guardian