Vladimir Putin raised eyebrows in an interview with Swiss broadcaster RTS that was released Monday, two days after he and Blatter appeared on stage in St. Petersburg for the preliminary draw of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The Russian president told the press that he thinks the former FIFA ex-president should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work, despite being embroiled in a corruption scandal.

I believe that people like Mr. Blatter, the heads of major international sports federations, deserve special attention and gratitude from public organizations. If anyone should be awarded Nobel Prizes, it is these people.

Putin neglected to tell the reporter what award he thinks Blatter should receive but didn't hesitate to mention that he believes Blatter is innocent and should be absolved of all wrong-doings. Meanwhile, Blatter greeted Putin and told the president that he "make us happy and comfortable". 

You crazy kids deserve each other.

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facts about The Nobel prize and Blatter and PUtin's bromance:

 The Nobel Price is awarded for outstanding contributions in the fields of chemistry, literature, peace, physics, physiology or medicine.

 Putin offered Blatter what no else has: "a complete exemption from Russian taxes and customs for Fifa and all other organisations involved in the World Cup, to the Russian law against alcohol advertising and the right for Fifa employees to bring in and exchange any amount of currency without any limits or customs declaration."