An unarmed homeless man named Charly 'Africa' Keunang was shot to death by LAPD officers in downtown Los Angeles on March 1st, earlier this year. The results of the autopsy were released this week, nearly five months later, revealing much closer contact than previously thought.

The shooting was caught on camera by a bystander, and the video went viral internationally.

Two of the six bullets entered Keunang's body through what are called "contact shots," meaning that instead of "point blank" where they enter the body at a distance, the gun was pressed firmly against Keunang's body. One of these shots was fired directly through his chest.

Keunang, 43, was known as 'Africa' or 'Cameroon' by people on Skid Row, for his country of origin. The toxicology report revealed he had methamphetamine and marijuana in his system. Keunang's family filed a $20 million dollar claim for wrongful death and excessive force against the City of Los Angeles and the LAPD in April.



 Skid Row, Los Angeles is a 54-block area in downtown which hosts over 2,000 homeless people on any given day, making it the area with the largest density of displacement in the nation.

 Many people on Skid Row have untreated mental illness. Some have observed hospitals "dumping" people onto the street when they can't pay their medical bills.

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