Pop-star Taylor Swift's business-savvy associates have filed some interesting patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office relating to her October album 1989

These include "Party Like It's 1989" (not to be confused with "Party Like It's 1999", "Party Like It's 2033" or "Party Like It's 1699!"), the grammatically cute "Cause We Never Go Out Of Style" and "Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?", and "This Sick Beat" (from "Shake It Off.")

Though not widely known for dropping said beats, if approved, the trademark registration would allow Taylor Swift™ and only Taylor Swift™ to put "This Sick Beat" all over a range of commercial items, including but not limited to:

 Ornamental pins
 Guitar picks
 Accessories for mobile telephones
 Household utensils
 Storage bags
 Bean bags
 Removable tattoo transfers
 Wind chimes

...and more. These sick wind chimes, though.