In the newest issue of the DC comic, Catwoman #39, the lead character Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, kisses another woman confirming a long alluded to plot point: Catwoman is bisexual

Catwoman writer Genevieve Valentine says that the character is “canon bisexual,” meaning that the revelation isn’t a random storyline but a natural progression for a character whose sexuality has often been left ambiguous. 

The storyline sees Kyle hanging up her costume to head up a crime family while a new character, Eiko, takes her place. After the two share a kiss, Eiko asks, “Was that for me, or the suit?” to which Kyle responds, “If we survive this, might be nice to find out.”

While Valentine promised that Catwoman’s romance with Batman would not be forgotten, she called the development “a huge deal for LGBT fans, and for bisexual women in particular who are often [sold short] when it comes to non-sensationalized portrayals in [the] media.”