How fast would Kanye need to walk to walk on water?. Image 1.

30 meters
per second

is how fast Kanye would need
to walk to walk on water


Kanye West, who has been tagging along with the Kardashians around Armenia, had recently thrown a surprise free concert near Swan Lake in Yerevan. During his set, in a true Yeezy fashion, Yeezy walked off stage and into the lake. He frolicked some, and shortly, swarms of fans descended from every direction to join him joyous splashing. Why did he do this? Some us have theorized that perhaps he was trying to walk on water.

To “walk on water,” he would have move at at least 30 meters per second (67 miles per hour), like the “Jesus” basilisk lizard (Basiliscus basiliscus). Usain Bolt, the fastest human sprinter in the world, has clocked in at mere 28 miles per hour, in a record-setting 100-meter sprint. So the water-walking feat remains beyond human ability at the moment, but this is “God” we’re talking about, so keep trying, Kanye.