Good news for Spider-Man fans who might’ve been disheartened after reading Sony’s email that Spidey must be “white and heterosexual” (at least in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). 

Miles Morales is set to replace Peter Parker in the all-new all-different Marvel Universe. The newly relaunched Spider-Man #1 will appear on shelves this fall, featuring the bi-racial Morales, the son of an African-American father and Puetro Rican mother, who first appeared in the Ultimate Universe in 2011 following the murder of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Spider-Man books. No word on exactly how Pete's going to pass the torch though.

Mile’s inclusion into the main Marvel universe alongside a black Captain America, female Thor, Muslim-American Ms. Marvel and means that this will be one of the most ethnically diverse lineups in Marvel history. Come fall, we'll be sure to say "make mine Marvel". 

Cover: Marvel