Scott Storch, hit producer for pop icons including Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, and Christina Aguilera, filed for bankruptcy this morning, according to TMZ. In the bankruptcy documents, Storch allegedly states that he only has $100 in cash left to his name. His assets equal out to $3,600 which includes $500 worth of clothes and a watch valued at $3,000. His music businesses, which helped him amass $70 million over his career, are now valued at $0.

TMZ also claims that in the past 6 months alone, Storch spent $30 million on drugs. If we entertain the idea that this could possibly be true, and we assume that a gram of cocaine costs on average $60, and a bathtub holds on average 80 liters, then we can also assume that the $30 million of cocaine would be enough to fill 6 and one quarter average-sized bath tubs. So... Scott Storch allegedly bought 6.25 bath tubs worth of cocaine and then went broke.

Cover image: YouTube