Attention all friends of ours, LA-based artist Plasticgod and his tiny vinyl army of Nick Caves will be making their debut at San Diego’s Comic-Con at booth #5045. Plasticgod's collection of 6 is each based on a Cave song, goes for $40 bucks a pop and will be made in limited batches of 200 each. 

"Red Right Hand," via Plasticgod.. Image 1."Red Right Hand," via Plasticgod.

"Red Right Hand."

 "Into My Arms," via Plasticgod.. Image 2."Into My Arms," via Plasticgod.

"Into My Arms."

 "Ship Song," via Plasticgod.. Image 3."Ship Song," via Plasticgod.

"Ship Song."

"You Turn Me On," via Plasticgod.. Image 4."You Turn Me On," via Plasticgod.

 "You Turn Me On."

Those unable to go to Comic-Con will be able to cop them online at Plasticgod’s website on July 9. And if you are going please let us know! We will wire you cash. It’s not like we have plans of collecting all of them and serenading ourselves to the tune of “Do You Love Me?” or anything...

Cover: Plasticgod