According to Americans everywhere, New Jersey is the worst. A poll conducted by internet-based market research firm YouGov, 1,000 people who supposedly represented a cross-section of the entire adult US population showed that New Jersey is the most disliked state. In fact, New Jersey was the only state to be more disliked than liked.

"I was a bit surprised that New Jersey was the only state that people tended to view unfavorably," said YouGov assistant editor Peter Moore. According to their research, people from New Jersey are more likely to "seek out challenging situations" and are more career-oriented than most, plus they have easy access to New York, making New Jersey a seemingly easy place to like.

But Moore says its possible that Jersey Shore, The Sopranos, and Bruce Springsteen may have caused Americans to think poorly of the Garden State. Ya, that'll do it.

Cover image: PinkBike