This morning, food delivery company Sweetie Salad sent dozens of scantily clad white male models, dressed as "Spartans," into Beijing's busy shopping district.

A large crowd of spectators formed around the buff men. Unsurprisingly, Beijing police were not thrilled by the spectacle and quickly began to arrest the models. Some were seen pinned to the ground by police officers.

The models were collateral damage in what seems to be a hugely successful marketing stunt by the company -- the prank was covered by local media sources and publishers around the world. “Our ‘Spartans’event yesterday generated far more interest than we had expected,” a statement from Sweetie Salads said. “We truly thank the police for giving us assistance and instructions during our event.” No statement from the arrested models was available. 


Facts about spartans and china:

 Foreigners in China are often hired for ridiculous and bizarre modelling jobs, such as pretending to live in new housing complexes and posing as celebrities. 

 Spartan children were trained for military service starting at the age of five. 

 Spartans saw marriage "primarily as a means for conceiving new soldiers" and men did not begin to live with their wives until the age of 30. 

 Cover: Hong Kong Free Press