Bank robber Jason Stange, 44, was wanted for violating his probation when police found him starring in a low-budget horror film using his own name.

Stange played the role of a doctor who commits a "deranged act" in a film that according to producer Brandon Roberts, was rewritten to suit Stange. He had "really nailed the audition," said Roberts.

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Police agents recognized the fugitive in pictures published in a newspaper in Washington state that documented the shooting of the film. Police officers arrested him at a restaurant close to the film set.


Other silly things criminals have done:

Michael Anthony Fuller, 53, tried to use a counterfeit $1 million dollar bill at a Walmart. The highest bill in circulation is $100.

Daniel Glen of Ontario called a local convenience store to ask how much cash was in the register before he robbed it. The store clerk called the police immediately after the phone call, who were waiting for Glen when he came to cash in on his heist.

Peter Addison vandalized and burglarized a children's campsite. Because he wrote "Peter Addison wuz here" on a bench, police were able to find him pretty easily.

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