Minions, the pill-shaped yellow characters from the movies Despicable Me and Minions, and Minion-themed merchandise, have taken over nearly every corner of pop culture over the last few months. Now, disaster has struck: on a Dublin street, a 40-foot-tall Minion balloon blocked traffic until it was removed by gardai (Ireland's police force). It seems the inflatable figure originated at a McDonalds, where Minion toys have been sold in Happy Meals. 

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 Minions creator Pierre Coffin has said that all Minions are male. “Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are,” he said to the Wrap. “I just couldn’t imagine Minions being girls.”

 Minions was the largest grossing movie of July. It raked in $270 million, also making it one of the top ten grossing animated films of all time.

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