A composer for the official anthems of Beijing's 2022 Winter Olympics is facing harsh criticism over claims his song ripped off the theme from Disney's Frozen. Zhao Zhao is credited with composing The Ice and Snow Dance - one of the ten motivational ballads chosen to represent the games - which bears striking resemblance to Let it Go from the animated film. 


"You have shamed China" reads one of many hostile messages posted to the composer's Weibo account, a popular Chinese social network. Another said, "China has such a blatant plagiarism problem and yet they still want to host the Olympics." 

One blogger made a mashup illustrating the similarities between the two:

notable olympic songs:

 Fredie Mercury & Monserrat Caballé - Barcelona (1987, Used in 1992)

Mercury incorporated elements of opera into Bohemian Rhapsody and had been a long time fan of the art form. So when Caballé approached Mercury to work with her to record the anthem for the 1992 Barcelona games, Mercury jumped at the chance. 


This anthem was written for the 1988 Seoul Olympics by John Bettis and Albert Hammond - father of Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. The song became one of Whitney Houston's best-loved songs, reaching the top spot in the UK, US and Germany. An Olympic ballad just wouldn't be an Olympic ballad without the old slow-down-into-a-key-change-trick, which Houston knocks out at 4:06. Wait...for...it.


South Korea asked italo-disco legend Giorgio Moroder (who created some of Donna Summer's biggest hits) to produce their anthem, which, as a result, is so epically 80s you can almost see the montage as you hear it. The 1988 Seoul Olympics killed it.

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