Artist Jimmy Two Hands, the artist behind Danziggy (yeah that’s real) just gave us (the world really) Hetfield. Garfield is transformed through the power of Metallica lead singer’s James Hetfield’s blonde goatee into Hetfield, a Metallica-quoting kitty. Joining him is a balding Jon (Lars) and Odie (Kirk?).

Some of our favorites are below: 

Kill 'em all, via Tumblr.. Image 1.Kill 'em all, via Tumblr.

The cutest thief in the world is at it again, via Tumblr.. Image 2.The cutest thief in the world is at it again, via Tumblr.

Feeling frantic, via Tumblr.. Image 3.Feeling frantic, via Tumblr.

Wonder if he sleeps with one eye open, clutching his Pooky tight? More Hefield can be found on Tumblr and Facebook.


Facts about: Garfields

 James Garfield is best known as the 20th president of the United States who was assassinated only six months in during his term.

 Andrew Garfield is the second actor to play the Amazing Spider-Man in a live action film.

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