Busta Rhymes was arrested and charged with assault after he allegedly threw a protein drink at a gym employee's head Wednesday night. The alleged incident occurred at a New York City gym called Steel Gym, where the victim's head was cut from the cardboard bottle. Accounts differ regarding whether the weapon used was a Muscle Milk or Lean Body beverage.

Rhymes argued with the front desk employee on Tuesday about bringing a cameraman into the gym to record his workout. The employee refused to make the allowance. The next day, Rhymes and the Chelsea gym employee got into another argument, during which time Rhymes purchased a chocolate flavored protein drink. The rapper then splashed water at the employee. The employee splashed water back at the rapper. Then Rhymes allegedly threw the Muscle Milk or Lean Body beverage at the employee's head.

How much of the beverage was still left in the carton at the time of its hurling is unknown. Police eventually arrived and charged Rhymes with second-degree assault, at which time Rhymes told reporters "It's stupid."

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