A rare white humpback whale was spotted off the coast of Queensland in Northwest Australia on Monday.

Whale watchers are hoping that it is the mythical Migaloo, or "white fella" in Australian Aboriginal folklore.

The whale was captured on film at around 11 AM Monday, and would be the second sighting since last year. Migaloo was first spotted in 1991.

Speculations have arisen as to whether this recent spotting is indeed Migaloo, or a younger calf, due to the inconsistencies in its migration path and differences in color patterns. There are at this moment three known white whales around Australia.

Facts about migaloo the white whale:

 White animals are rare in nature, and their color is caused by albinism, which means a genetic inability to produce pigmentation.

 When Migaloo was first sighted in 1991, he was the world's first known white humpback whale.

 Migaloo the Whale has his own Twitter account, detailing his migration patterns.

Cover image: Mashable