Renata Flores, a 14-year-old girl from Peru, released her version of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" in Quechua, an ancient language spoken by the Incas of South America.

Millions of people still speak the language in the Andes, but its popularity and usage is declining overall.

In response, Renata and her mother Patricia Rivera are part of an organization called Asociación Cultural Surca, which aims to reestablish the native language through music, arts, and culture.

Facts about Quechua:

 Quechua belongs to its own language family, Quechuan, which was the imposed language during the Inca reign of the 15th century. The roots of Quechua are thousands of years old, and many local dialects exist.

 Many words in Peruvian Spanish are directly borrowed from Quechua, such as llama, quinoa, puma, coca, and condor.

 Speakers of Quechua call it Runa Simi, or "language of the people."

 Currently, there are about 10 million Quechua speakers in all of South America. Quechua is an official language of Peru.

Cover image: YouTube