January 04, 2016 12:28 PM

I was getting all my fancy-schmancy people, but I wanted to see the rest of the world.

NYC proto-meme Dr. Zizmor closing up shop so he can "see the world". Image 1.

Dr. Zizmor

NYC's celebrated subway ad dermatologist


After Three decades of promising to tighten the skin and brighten the complexions of New York City's weary straphangers, proto-meme Dr. Jonathan Zizmor has announced his retirement in an exclusive report by the Daily News. His ubiquitous subway ads, which featured before-and-after pictures and Zizmor's placid portrait splayed across a rainbow, made the cosmetic dermatologist a hometown celebrity.

“Many doctors see themselves as God, or above the average person,” Zizmor said in a 2009 interview with Business Insider. “I ride subways. I’m a man of the people.” Let us join NY1's Pat Kiernen in saying, "Thank you, Dr. Zizmor!"